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27 stats #comms people need to know about social media use in Australia

By |31 August 2015|

Matt Murray lists 27 stats from the 2015 Sensis social media report, analysing what they mean for public sector comms people.

26 takeaways from a social media conference #sm4gov

By |14 December 2014|

Matt Murray lists his top 26 takeaways from the recent Social Media in Government conference in Melbourne.

Reddit: a social network where collaboration is a core feature

By |7 October 2014|

Travis Holland explains why Reddit is a social network that more government people should use.

Top 5 Podcasts for Not-For-Profit Comms Professionals

By |31 August 2014|

Mikaela Robertson shares her top 5 podcasts for not-for-profit communicators and digital marketing professionals.

Shoot, tweet, live! Posting ace photos on social media instantly

By |25 August 2014|

Matt Murray explains a way of shooting photos from your DSLR to social media instantly - ideal for comms and PR professionals!

10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet

By |30 July 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists 10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet.

Government and social: Four steps to improved engagement

By |27 July 2014|

Lou Tapsell shares her top four ways to learn from successful government campaigns and improve your engagement with the public on social media.

How one council battled Australian bushfires using social media

By |25 July 2014|

Matt Murray explains how a small communications team from Redland City Council kept the public informed around the clock during a bushfire emergency.

Super subs: who’s in your social media reserve team?

By |14 July 2014|

"Facebook and Twitter may be in your social media first team, but who is in your reserve team waiting to come on and play a starring role?" asks Matt Murray

Hello Yellow: 6 lessons from a new social media report

By |15 June 2014|

Matt Murray explains 6 lessons that government and non-profit communications teams can take from the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report.