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Why I don’t pay for Facebook boosts…yet

By |12 August 2015|

Damien Willoughby (Will) lists some compelling reasons why his localgov Facebook page isn't paying to play... yet.

5 ways localgov comms is exactly like commercial radio… sorta

By |28 May 2015|

Damien Willoughby (Will) lists 5 ideas where the principles and circumstances of radio can be applied to the way local government communicates.

20 thoughts from 2015 LGPro Social Media Conference

By |12 May 2015|

Matt Murray discusses 20 takeaways and thoughts from the 2015 LGPro Social Media conference that took place in Melbourne on 22 April.

5 ways to use Periscope/Meerkat for community engagement

By |20 April 2015|

Andrew Coulson explores ways that government can use live video streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat for community engagement.

24 tips for managing government Facebook pages

By |13 February 2015|

Matt Murray shares his 24 tips for managing a local government Facebook page.

Reddit: a social network where collaboration is a core feature

By |7 October 2014|

Travis Holland explains why Reddit is a social network that more government people should use.

Pinteresting: 10 tips for using Pinterest in local government

By |10 August 2014|

Andrew Coulson provides a masterclass in pinning for local government.