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Social media

How one council battled Australian bushfires using social media

By |25 July 2014|

Matt Murray explains how a small communications team from Redland City Council kept the public informed around the clock during a bushfire emergency.

Social media in emergencies: 50 thoughts, concepts and quotes from #aemicx14

By |25 July 2014|

Matt Murray shares 50 thoughts, concepts and quotes from the social media in emergencies conference at the Australian Emergency Management Institute.

Super subs: who’s in your social media reserve team?

By |14 July 2014|

"Facebook and Twitter may be in your social media first team, but who is in your reserve team waiting to come on and play a starring role?" asks Matt Murray

Skilling your staff to be social media experts

By |21 June 2014|

Gina Ciancio explains how joining the conversation on social media led to an Australian Government department upskilling their staff.

Hello Yellow: 6 lessons from a new social media report

By |15 June 2014|

Matt Murray explains 6 lessons that government and non-profit communications teams can take from the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report.

Tracking real-time emotions: a new era for social media

By |4 June 2014|

Mikaela Robertson explores implications of the ground-breaking 'We Feel' project and how we will be able to track real-time emotions.

20 things I learnt at a public sector social media conference

By |2 June 2014|

Matt Murray lists 20 things he learnt at the #sm4ps conference in Melbourne.

How to generate #buzz with a regular Twitter chat

By |25 May 2014|

Samantha Dean shares lessons learnt from hosting a twitter chat for localgov people in Queensland.

Setting up social media: 10 questions your organisation needs to consider

By |16 May 2014|

Matt Murray examines 10 questions your organisation needs to consider when setting up social media.

The truth about measuring social media ROI

By |6 April 2014|

Mikaela Robertson reveals the one truth she has learnt about measuring social media return on investment.