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Not-for-profit comms

What Charities Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

By |26 October 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists the factors that contributed to the ice bucket challenge's astounding success - what can comms people learn from it?

How to harness enthusiastic volunteers for your community group’s social media

By |17 September 2014|

Gillian Morgan explains how to take the first steps in harnessing the power of enthusiastic volunteers on your club, community group or association's social media.

Top 5 Podcasts for Not-For-Profit Comms Professionals

By |31 August 2014|

Mikaela Robertson shares her top 5 podcasts for not-for-profit communicators and digital marketing professionals.

10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet

By |30 July 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists 10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet.

Hello Yellow: 6 lessons from a new social media report

By |15 June 2014|

Matt Murray explains 6 lessons that government and non-profit communications teams can take from the 2014 Yellow Social Media Report.

Tracking real-time emotions: a new era for social media

By |4 June 2014|

Mikaela Robertson explores implications of the ground-breaking 'We Feel' project and how we will be able to track real-time emotions.

Setting up social media: 10 questions your organisation needs to consider

By |16 May 2014|

Matt Murray examines 10 questions your organisation needs to consider when setting up social media.

World-changing quotes for not-for-profit communicators

By |4 February 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists her favourite world-changing quotes for a not-for-profit communicator’s tool kit.