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Community engagement

4½ ways you can engage children in the decision making process

By |22 February 2016|

Andrew Coulson outlines 4 and a half fab ideas to get kids interested in consultations.

5 things you should do whilst engaging the community to help the next time you do it

By |29 January 2016|

Andrew Coulson lists 5 simple things you should be doing whilst you’re actually engaging the community to help you next time you are out and about.

5 ways to use Twitter Polls in local government

By |24 October 2015|

Andrew Coulson lists 5 ways councils can use Twitter polls.

Closing the loop: how do you give feedback?

By |11 October 2015|

How do you close the loop in community engagement? Andrew Coulson describes various communication methods that show how a decision has been made and where the community has had an influence.

Future Local Government: Adopt a Councillor

By |11 May 2015|

Andrew Coulson details an innovative community engagement idea for local government: adopt a councillor.

5 ways to use Periscope/Meerkat for community engagement

By |20 April 2015|

Andrew Coulson explores ways that government can use live video streaming apps Periscope and Meerkat for community engagement.

5 offline ways to complement online community engagement

By |13 March 2015|

Andrew Coulson details 5 ways to complement community engagement online, offline.

A crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement

By |1 December 2014|

Andrew Coulson brings together a crowdsourced guide to successful community engagement via Twitter.

Food in community engagement: if food be the tool of the Gods, then engage on!

By |10 September 2014|

Andrew Coulson describes how food (and drink) are becoming an important community engagement tool.

Pinteresting: 10 tips for using Pinterest in local government

By |10 August 2014|

Andrew Coulson provides a masterclass in pinning for local government.