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12 Christmas present ideas for #comms and #socialmedia lovers

By |27 November 2015|

Matt Murray lists 12 of the best Christmas present gift ideas for 2015!

5 ways to use Twitter Polls in local government

By |24 October 2015|

Andrew Coulson lists 5 ways councils can use Twitter polls.

12 takeaways for communicators from the Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival 2015

By |30 September 2015|

Corey Speers lists 12 takeaways for comms people from the 2015 Tasmanian Writers and Readers Festival.

20 essential apps for #comms people

By |21 July 2015|

Matt Murray shares his list of the 20 apps he uses most as a communications professional.

35 takeaways from the 2015 @govcomms conference #GCASYD15

By |14 June 2015|

Corey Speers lists 35 takeaways from the recent @govcomms conference in Sydney #GCASYD15.

5 ways localgov comms is exactly like commercial radio… sorta

By |28 May 2015|

Damien Willoughby (Will) lists 5 ideas where the principles and circumstances of radio can be applied to the way local government communicates.

20 thoughts from 2015 LGPro Social Media Conference

By |12 May 2015|

Matt Murray discusses 20 takeaways and thoughts from the 2015 LGPro Social Media conference that took place in Melbourne on 22 April.

12 Christmas gift ideas for #digital #comms #socialmedia pros

By |25 November 2014|

Matt Murray lists 12 fantastic Christmas 2014 present ideas for communications, social media and digital people.

52 tips for social media disaster management #comms #smem

By |3 November 2014|

Matt Murray shares 52 tips on how to do social media in emergencies based on his experience at Redland City Council.

You are the magic: 10 pearls of wisdom from an advertising legend

By |16 October 2014|

Matt Murray shares his favourite quotes from Paul Arden's inspirational book "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be."