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About Rory Daly

Rory is one of the directors at East Edit, a company specialising in plain English, usability and writing for the web.   He has a Masters in Writing, Editing and Publishing and was editor-in-chief for the Queensland Government’s QGov Online Program. He worked with the team to create a Single Website Experience (SWE), implementing a franchise model for all government information and services—with customer-centric structure and language, published under a common look and feel. He developed the style guide used across Queensland Government, and has trained hundreds of content writers and editors in plain English, web writing and usability.   Rory also worked as a product manager, looking after the Queensland Government Data and Publications portals, SWE template and much more.   In his spare time, Rory writes music, grows chillies, and makes chilli sauce that stops time.

Links and how to write them

By |27 March 2015|

Writing for the web expert Rory Daly explains how to write link text.