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Mikaela Robertson

About Mikaela Robertson

Mikaela Robertson is a Marketing Coordinator in Brisbane, Australia. She regularly contributes her skills and time to help charities grow in their understanding of business, marketing, fundraising and communications. Her passion is to see companies embrace Corporate Social Responsibility.

What Charities Can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

By |26 October 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists the factors that contributed to the ice bucket challenge's astounding success - what can comms people learn from it?

Top 5 Podcasts for Not-For-Profit Comms Professionals

By |31 August 2014|

Mikaela Robertson shares her top 5 podcasts for not-for-profit communicators and digital marketing professionals.

10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet

By |30 July 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists 10 Steps to Turn Your Charity into a Corporate Sponsorship Magnet.

Tracking real-time emotions: a new era for social media

By |4 June 2014|

Mikaela Robertson explores implications of the ground-breaking 'We Feel' project and how we will be able to track real-time emotions.

The truth about measuring social media ROI

By |6 April 2014|

Mikaela Robertson reveals the one truth she has learnt about measuring social media return on investment.

World-changing quotes for not-for-profit communicators

By |4 February 2014|

Mikaela Robertson lists her favourite world-changing quotes for a not-for-profit communicator’s tool kit.

Creating an awesome online fundraising campaign for less than $50

By |2 December 2013|

Content marketing and social media can be tough when you’ve got limited resources, but if you know where to look, you can create amazing content for little to no money at all.