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About Damien Willoughby

Will (Damien Willoughby) was born a dairy farmer, discovered student radio while pretending to study Arts at LaTrobe Bundoora. In 2001, after studying Commercial Radio at Swinburne Uni, Will began his broadcast odyssey across Australia. As a Breakfast Announcer and Content Director, Will collected a wealth of content creation, communication and marketing experience (along with industry awards), in broadcast and media, and now finds himself with a few ideas about why people click, like, follow and share. Will's passions include swearing, The Walking Dead and beer, and his idols include Mark Zuckerberg, Tony Stark and Em Rusciano

Why I don’t pay for Facebook boosts…yet

By |12 August 2015|

Damien Willoughby (Will) lists some compelling reasons why his localgov Facebook page isn't paying to play... yet.

5 ways localgov comms is exactly like commercial radio… sorta

By |28 May 2015|

Damien Willoughby (Will) lists 5 ideas where the principles and circumstances of radio can be applied to the way local government communicates.