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Matt Murray

About Matt Murray

Matt Murray is Principal Adviser, Digital Communications at Redland City Council in south east Queensland. His blogs about digital communications have been published by The Guardian, the Australian Emergency Management Knowledge Hub and comms2point0. Check out Matt's photography blog featuring Fujifilm X cameras and lenses: mattloves.photography

12 Christmas present ideas for #comms and #socialmedia lovers

By |27 November 2015|

Matt Murray lists 12 of the best Christmas present gift ideas for 2015!

27 stats #comms people need to know about social media use in Australia

By |31 August 2015|

Matt Murray lists 27 stats from the 2015 Sensis social media report, analysing what they mean for public sector comms people.

30 crowdsourced tips for social media in emergencies

By |24 August 2015|

Matt Murray brings together 30 crowdsourced tips for doing social media during emergencies.

20 essential apps for #comms people

By |21 July 2015|

Matt Murray shares his list of the 20 apps he uses most as a communications professional.

20 thoughts from 2015 LGPro Social Media Conference

By |12 May 2015|

Matt Murray discusses 20 takeaways and thoughts from the 2015 LGPro Social Media conference that took place in Melbourne on 22 April.

Up Periscope! Thoughts on a new streaming video app

By |1 April 2015|

Matt Murray gives his initial thoughts on new live video streaming app Periscope.

6 reasons why your public sector org should have a branded domain for shortlinks… and how to get one

By |17 March 2015|

Matt Murray explains why your government agency should have its own branded domain for link shortening.

Marcia, Marcia, Marcia: social media for an ex-tropical cyclone

By |2 March 2015|

Matt Murray lists 14 thoughts on how his team prepared and responded to ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia last weekend.

24 tips for managing government Facebook pages

By |13 February 2015|

Matt Murray shares his 24 tips for managing a local government Facebook page.

A crowdsourced guide for doing social media in government

By |12 January 2015|

37 crowdsourced tips for doing social media in government.